LMX Series Automatic Washer Extractor

  • Simple, easy-to-use operating syatem
  • Good adaptability, up to 15 programmable sets can be added, additional functions(wait. soak. final spin-d ry adjustment. start settings. quick leapfrog);
  • Easy to load and unload clothes
  • Large door desig n allows easy loading and unloading of clothes, arc angle designed to avoid accidental injury, more humanity and security;
  • Suspension system
  • Brand-new dynamic suspension system, the focus usually occurs in the center of balance, power will be evenly distributed to minimize vibration, so that dehydration stability and reduced wear;
  • Speed appropriate, hig h efficient
  • Single inverter d rive to provide the necessary speed, hig h speed spin speed 925 rpm, generate real effort 350G, thus reducing d rying time and increase washing efficiency

Technical Parameters

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