LM Sereis 18-100kg Tumble dryer image

Computer control, easy operate

  • Advanced computer control LCD screen, 5 programmable, operate with different temperature, time and rotating direction per drying requirements for different linen ensure good performance.
  • Manual operate available during drying, easy operate.
  • While finished the drying, cooIing system ensure the better drying result by preset time, temperature.

Reasonable design, high drying efficient

  • Scientific and reasonable design ensure temperature, airflow, the space of cylinder and the volume of exhausting to achieve best balance and full use of the thermal energy.by preset time, temperature.
  • Large side of heating element ensure bigger heat dissipation and drying speed.
  • New generation of deflector with thicker heat insulation enable to minimum heat waste.
  • Drum with large size of air vent, make full use of hot air flow.
  • LM-100 Model with dual fan configuration which make exhaust stronger.

User friendly, save time and labor

  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • The height of loading door to the ground which make operator easy handle.
  • With lint collector drawer, easy cleaning (China first lint collector designer)

LM Series gas dryer

  • Professional gas burner, with Air pressure detection function. When the external gas pressure is insufficient, Automatic flameout and alarm.
  • Admission line connect with 2 inlet vaIve, duaI protection, Reduce intake valve failure due to an unsafe accident.
  • Independent gas control chip with flame detection function, when turn on for three times but failed, it will automatically shut off and alarm.
  • With air flow detection, When the exhaust duct is not smooth the exhaust is weakness, it may cause the poor combustion, it will shut down automatically.
  • With 2 alarm reset system, one is on the front side panel, the other is on back side. Easy for emergency situation.
  • Gas burner system match European industrial gas EN267. EN767 standard.
  • When the door opening the machine will be shut down automatically.
  • With emergency stop button.

Safety and reliable

  • With door interlock system, while machine still working and opening the door, the machine will be stop automatically

Belt drive

  • 3 +4 secondary structure belt drive, reduce positive and negative rotation impact of starting, stabIe and easy maintain
  • With standard power lock easy operate

Optional : cooling down system

  • Steam type dryer with cooling down system, while finished the drying, the cooling down system will be turn into cold wind, the cold wind will be come into drum, cooling down the line in short time. Prevent channeling temperature

Technical Parameter

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