LaundryMate LMX BW Series Barrier Washer

Reliable accessories ensure great performance and durability

  • Loading way: Side-Entry Groove
  • Single cabin drum increase slapping force ensure better cleaning result
  • Touch screen control board, 30 programmable program, 5 standard pre-set program, USB aviliable
  • Four side panel and drum is made of AISI Stainless steel ensure long life term
  • Heavy duty structure design absorb 97% vibration rate, free standing
  • FEA software desig n and unbalance loading testing, stronger construction
  • High-density flat hole technology of drum,perforated V-ribs for better cleaning result.
  • Narrow water channel design, energy saving
  • Famous brand bearing, v-shape seal ring and belt make sure the quality
  • Large size of door and Open Angle for loading and unloading
  • Option unload curved plate
  • Loading door with safety lock and control system protect safety
  • 5 cups soap boxes, option 5 liquid soap contector

Technical Parameter

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