Variety of options are available, roller diameter is 800mm, roller no from 1-6 pcs selectable, working width 2500mm, 2800mm, 3000mm, 3300mm for you to choose. Heat with steam, electric or gas.

Gas Roller Ironer Performance

  • YR Series gas roller ironer is made with roller, belt, gas system, electrical control system exhaust system
  • Transmission parts is made with inverter, motor, turbine reducer, chain wheeI, ironer speed could adjustable by the thickness of the lines and gas consume ensure the good performance.
  • With the left and right frame structure, there has Transmission system, gas system and electrical control system
  • Surface polishing 304 AISI Stainless roller, ensure high effective and good performance
  • High quality conveyor belt is under high temperature shaping treatment and remove static electricity, not easily deformed and anti-static electricity.
  • Exhaustion systems ensure absorb fresh air, and Remove the mixture of unburned gases, make sure inside of roller is on safety condition
  • Single-motor speed, smooth start and energy saving, advanced control systems, easy to control and maintain

Steam, Electric Heat, Ironer Feature

  • Working roll made of 304 stainless steel, drive shaft made of galvanized steel pipe, and can last for a long time.
  • Both side panels of Ironer have been made by 6mm steel sheet maintain efficient and stable operation during heavy duty process.
  • Application of VF controlling technique makes it possible to adjust processing speed during operation in consonance with the requirements of different kind clothes.
  • Transporting belt has been connected to self-tensioning force construction can maintain belt level disregarding status of power supply and fabric thickness.
  • Beside the feed bed, there are emergency stop panel, will immediately stop the rolls rotation, retract the beds to protect operator.
  • Combined roll cabinet design, numbers roll combination selection.
  • Lubricating oil injector installed on major roll cabinet for easy maintaining of shaft bearing.
  • Equipped emergency stop button.
  • Both sides of roller use heat preservation treatment. With a reversing device.
Operation panel
Emergency stop switch
Safety screen


Technical Parameters

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